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What We Do

Make a difference to more than your wardrobe!

Comfy - Sustainable - Charitable

At A.R.K Clothing our mission is to help! Help people. Help nature. Help animals. A portion of the profits from every item sold gets donated to charity. 

All clothing is environmentally friendly and made from organic cotton, recycled polyester and biodegradable viscose! 

All our garments are bought and embroidered on demand, this means that we have less chance of stock waste from unsold items.

How is works 

25% of the profits get donated!

Choose your emblem - the category your chosen emblem represents, is where 25% of the profits made gets donated to! 

Example - The Paw gets chosen, 25% of the profits gets given to the animal charity that has been chosen for the term.

Find our more about which emblems support which charities on 'Our Charities' page.





What are the Emblems and who are the Charities?

There are 6 Emblems to choose from and that will decide which charity gets supported.


Be Blessed

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