Our Story

It all started with a simple idea

Me, Lydia, have always wanted my own business and had the desire to help people and animals. So I began thinking of the best way I could do this and A.R.K Clothing was born, marrying together business and charity. Acts of Random Kindness is the element of the business that I wanted to be the main focus. Helping charities has always been on my heart, having been through tough times as a family, we have had plenty of help from charity and people wanting to provide us with kindness. 

I am also aware that the clothing industry is not the most sustainable and creates plenty of waste annually. Knowing this, I wanted to have a brand that is sustainably made and eco friendly, from the garment itself, all the way down to the stickers on my packaging.

My goal is to build a brand that is know for the help it provides for the both the environment and the local community.  


Be Blessed

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