Chosen Charities

Each term (six months), five charities get picked to represent the six categories. This terms charities are...

The Emblems 

There are six emblems to choose from

The Cross

The Cross is an emblem of Christianity and will be used to represent Christian charities.

The Fish

The Fish also an emblem of Christianity and will be used represent Christian charities

The Leaf

The Leaf is an emblem of all nature, from forests to oceans. It will represent nature charities. 

The Hands

The Hands are an emblem for humanity and will represent humanitarian charities.

The Paw

The Paw is an emblem for all animals and will represent animal charities.

The Droplet

The Droplet is an emblem for sustenance, water and food, and will represent any charity that provides people with food and water.

The Cross/Fish

Langley House Trust - Longcroft Project

Based in Lancaster, the Longcroft Project is a Christian charity dedicated to help house and rehabilitate former offenders to get them back on track and start their crime free lives. 

The Hands

Lancaster & District Homeless Action Service

Their clients are the homeless, impoverished, and vulnerably housed in the Lancaster District, which covers over 570sq-km and includes the city of Lancaster, Morecambe, and the surrounding wards and towns.

LDHAS provides in-depth support and assistance with health services, benefits, housing needs, advocacy, drug and alcohol treatment, and form filling.

On a daily basis, they provide:  Breakfast ·  Lunch · Showers · Bathroom and laundry facilities · Free clothing  ·  A care of address

The centre on Edward Street is also a critical location for many clients on a social level; they feel safe and respected at Edward Street, which is an incredibly important aspect of their service. 

The Paw


Wolfwood is an animal sanctuary with the mission to help rehouse horses, dogs and ferrets. They are also Lancaster's hub for lost, injured or helpless wildlife.

The Droplet


Food for Thought work with multiple agencies to intercept food and redistribute it amongst their members. Membership is a small weekly fee, they are a not for profit group run by volunteers. Any food which they get donated by Neighbourly is given out for free and is outside of their membership fee. They are based at Father's House church, who are doing fantastic work by running a takeaway hot meal service at the minute.

The Leaf

Lune Rivers Trust

They are a charity that focusses on environmental issues, the rivers and streams in their area. The area is defined by the areas that run into the River Lune, and a few smaller rivers. It goes from Newbiggin on Lune in the north, out to Austwick in the east, and down to Pilling in the south. It includes areas of Cumbria, North Yorkshire and Lancashire.

They have quite a variety of projects (and topics) that we are involved with. Currently these include: Engagement with farmers - to try to find interventions or ways of working that benefit the environment and the farm business. Engagement with urban communities – to address environmental issues in urban areas and engagement with under privileged or disenfranchised communities. Natural Flood Management – promoting more natural process to help reduce flooding risk. Improving conditions for fish -  with a particular focus on Atlantic salmon. Promoting increased planting of trees alongside rivers. Control of invasive non-native plants (e.g. Himalayan balsam)

They are also just getting going with a few new activities: Monitoring numbers and diversity of juvenile fish, surveys to establish the presence of White Clawed Crayfish and water quality monitoring


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